Alert Level 2: Contact-less parcel deliveries and pick-ups updates

Delays not expected: Delivery timeframe you should expect

We are getting back to peak volumes at Level 2 with most NZ businesses operating back operating. With distancing and other protocols in place, it can be a challenging environment to pick-up; process, and deliver freight.

We are back to pre-COVID service levels for deliveries and don't expect any delays. However, please do package any perishables with slightly extended delivery times in mind.

What delivery timeframe should I expect?

Residential addresses - We are maintaining standard service expectations for residential deliveries.

Business addresses - We are maintaining on time delivery service standards.

Please wait before calling us

As expected with the increase in volumes, phones and customer services teams are busier than usual. We are doing our best to answer your calls; emails and help you.

Due to distancing and other safety protocols, staff numbers in our Branches are not always at full capacity and call-wait times may be longer than usual.

Please use our online tools where possible and only contact us for crucial issues.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Are deliveries and pick-ups contact-less in Level 2?

Yes, all deliveries and pick-ups continue to be contact-less during Alert Level 2.

Pick-ups - Please have a pick-up space available for our driver that is safely distanced from other people for contactless pick-ups.

Deliveries - Contactless deliveries are being performed during Level 2.

More on how contact-less parcel deliveries and pick-ups work

Are branch opening hours normal for Level 2?

Yes, all our branches will remain with their standard operating hours.

Please be aware there is only one person allowed in our reception areas at a time.

Find your nearest location and their opening hours here

Redelivery options at Level 2: All options available

A missed delivery card is left when your courier tried to deliver an item that required a signature on delivery and no one was present, didn’t feel they could leave it unattended on your property, or couldn’t get access to your property.

When an item isn’t delivered, and a missed delivery card is left. The courier will return it to their home branch for safekeeping where it will remain until you request what to do with it. Items that are unclaimed for more than 14 days will be returned to the sender.

What redelivery options are available at Level 2?

  • Redelivery to the same address (by contact-less delivery)
  • Redirection to another address that you will be present (by contact-less delivery)
  • Collection from our branch
  • Redeliver to a Delivery Link Partner (please check first that they are open)

Do I need to inform Castle Parcels I'm reopening at Level 2?

No, you don't need to inform us you've opened.

However, if you need to restart your regular VAN pick-ups in Level 2, please call 0800 106 828 - then type in your PIN to request a courier pick-up. This will allow for your usual pick-ups to be reinstated.

Will freight that was held during Level 3 & 4 be delivered in Level 2?

Held courier parcels that are addressed to you will be delivered once your courier is aware you are open. In some instances, if they were unable to be delivered during Level 3 & 4, your orders may have been returned to the sender.

Given the volumes and the staggered way that businesses may open, there may be some delays. Please be patient, we will deliver them as soon as is possible.

Are there any restrictions on items I can send to the Auckland Region?

There are no restrictions on the type of freight we can move through our network at Alert Level 2 & 3. However, we recommend holding off sending items to businesses in the Auckland Region that aren't allowed to open during Alert Level 3.

Should items be sent to Auckland businesses that are closed, and Level 3 extends, Castle Parcels may return the items to the sender (and charge the sender for returns) to ensure our network can continue to operate (we do not have extensive storage facilities for undeliverable freight).

Contact-less parcel deliveries and pick-ups

More on how contact-less parcel deliveries and pick-ups work