Dangerous Goods Guide

  • Is this consignment DGLQ? (Dangerous Goods In Limited Quantities)
    If “YES” and meets the criteria go to step 2
    If “NO” clearly black out the DGLQ lettering on top right hand corner of this document
  • Enter Shippers Reference
    This is optional
  • Shipper name and full address completed
    PO Box numbers are not acceptable. Ensure Shipper contact phone number completed
  • Consignee (receiver) name and full address completed
    PO Box numbers are not acceptable

Dangerous Goods Identification

  • Enter the 4 Digit UN Number
  • Enter Proper Shipping Name
    If the Proper Shipper Name is “N.O.S. (Not Otherwise Specified) then add Technical Name
  • UN or ID Number
    Enter 4 Digit UN Class Number
  • Packing Group
    Enter Packing Group ( ie PG II or PG III) - PG I is not accepted
  • Description
    Description of inner package ie Aerosols, Tins, Bottles
  • Units
    Enter quantity of inner units
  • Total quantity of DG product
    ie 400mls, 3 litres etc
  • Flashpoint
    Enter for Class 3 Product. Other Classes = N/A
  • Marine Pollutant (Required for Maritime travel)
    Enter “Yes” or “No”
  • Quantity and Type of Packaging
    ie 4 Cartons, 2 x 20 litre drums
  • Total kgs of consignment
  • Sign Off
    Ensure this section is fully completed

Only complete this document if you have Dangerous Goods Training.
Please refer to our Dangerous Goods Policy and Guide for any restrictions.
This document is not permitted for Air Transport.
If you are unable to complete the technical detail of the shipment please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.
Seek advice from the Dangerous Goods trained staff in your branch.